Bujumbura (Capital of Burundi) is probably the only tourist city where you can visit a park in the morning, have a business meeting at 11am in town, have lunch in a chic restaurant at 13h and conclude your business day at the beach. I love this city for several reasons ...

Sandra Idossou, The ServiceMag, June-August 2014


…Burundi has shown great promise in fostering a modern economy which will create jobs and help to eradicate poverty. Now a member of the East African Community (EAC), Burundi is stepping up its regional trade and continuing to improve its business climate.

The European Times


Burundi is rising, growing and making a determined progress towards a better and brighter future. This East African nation continues to show a lot of promise in almost all spheres of its economy and has over the last few years continued to attract both regional and international investors who are attracted by the country’s new economic policies and a stable political climate.

Dennis GATHANJU, Beautiful Burundi, The Beating Heart of Africa. Page 11