They chose Burundi


We are grateful for the support that the Government has given us through the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA), ... we have benefited from all the necessary benefits in terms of investments, they have especially facilitated us in the start-up phase, ... we are very grateful ...


We introduced a file to the Investment Promotion Authority and they granted us the incentives provided in line with the Investment Code. What matters most to us is the tax credit and customs import opportunities. This is a fairly comfortable situation in which we can enjoy protection of the Burundi regulator as well as IPA’s to implement these investments and to protect the interests of investors ...

David EASUM, Director General Burundi Backbone System (BBS)

We are getting very good support from all Government departments. We are very happy working here and we hope we will be successful and we will contribute to the construction of Burundi in the future to come. And geographically, this project is located in Congo, very near to Rwanda, and we have selected Burundi for this project

DURGA, Iron Steel Burundi

We have invested close to 15 billion Burundi Francs in various investments within the country. Up to now, we have a network of 16 service stations which are located in various parts of the country. Burundi Investment Promotion Authority has been very helpful in the process of facilitating our investment in the country.

Francis MWANGI, Country Manager, KOBIL BURUNDI

Burundi, with its mountainous terrain and good river flows, is endowed with substantial opportunities for hydropower investment. The help of IPA and its qualified staff is of crucial importance for the success of our project.

M. Dan Brose,Président de SONGA Energy