Reasons to invest in Burundi

01 A political and security stability;

02 A strategic geographical position allowing a direct access to several neighbouring countries;

03 Business climate in constant improvement: Burundi was ranked among 10 better reformers in the world for 3 consecutive times;

04 The freedom of establishment and investment;

05 The membership of Burundi to the EAC Common Market and the COMESA Free Trade Area; 

06 Cost of the workforce relatively cheaper compared to the countries of the sub-region;

07 Burundi is eligible to the Initiative " Everything but Weapons " of the EU (European Union) and to the AGOA (African Growth Opportunity Act);

08 An attractive and not discriminatory Investment Code, guaranteeing the protection of the investors and the investments;

09 A one-stop-shop that allows starting a business in aday for 40,000 BIF (about 25 USD);

10 Three other operational One – stop- shops: One for obtaining a Building Permit, another for the Transfer of Property and  one –stop-shop for Connection to Electricity.