Despite the global economic crisis, Burundi yielded its way through and attracted more new investments in 2012.

Burundi Investment Promotion Agency (API), through the implementation of bold economic reforms, has shown to the world that Burundi is a privileged destination for investments and, at the same time, we are embarking on boosting the economy. The 2013 World Bank Doing Business Report confirmed Burundi as the Africa’s most improving nation in easing the creation of business, while this impacted positive results.

The talented and dedicated API staff ensured daily support and assistance to investors by providing accurate information and updates on business creation, incentives by the Investment Code, practical clues to set up a business plan, and, of course, availing relevant statistical data.

API not only organized field visits for a well scrutinized assessment of projects, but also had working sessions with the Burundi Revenue Authority (OBR) in a bid to jointly identify eligibility requirements for the investment code incentives. Most importantly, API ensured the optimal functioning of the One-Stop Shop in its premises for customer care and best practices on service delivery, bearing in mind this was the flagship reform for 2012. More strategies are to be devised for this year ahead, by involving of all partners and stakeholders for economic transformation through the implementation of the PPRSP II. For 2012, 3 sectors i.e. industry, ICTs and agribusiness spearheaded investments in Burundi.

The PRSP II final document that outlines the country’s development priorities through 2016 targets on a priority basis energy, agriculture, health, infrastructure, regional integration, trade, tourism, along with the promotion of the private sector. API is prepared to set up robust mechanisms in order to create an economic environment that endeavors such opportunities for 2013 and beyond, thus targeting the Government interests. Those mechanisms, once implemented, will not only boost Foreign Direct Investments, but also launch more exportation opportunities.

Some 2012 API figures:

  • Number of projects / certificates delivered: 48
  • Total planned investment       : 436,579,282,083 BIF
  • Foreign Direct Investments: 375,656,541,666 BIF
  • Local Investments               :   60,922,740,417 BIF
  • API contribution to public treasury
  1. e administrative costs for delivered certificates: 467,332,080 BIF
  • New businesses created in 2012

at One-Stop Shop (until Dec 2012): 1,291

  • Minimum of new permanent jobs planned: 1,366