Songa Energy executives visit Burundi Government Officials

Songa Energy executives visit Burundi Government Officials

Friday, March 18, 2016. Songa Energy is developing small hydroelectric plants in rural areas of Burundi and has recently completed detailed feasibility studies for hydroelectric plants in Gitega and Bururi Provinces. The first project is about 1MW in size, located on the Ruvyironza River near the intersection of Ryansoro, Buraza and Rutovu Communes. The Government of Burundi has prioritized bringing electricity to this part of Burundi, where there is no electricity provision in the three southern Gitega communes of Ryansoro, Buraza, and Nyarusange. Songa Energy plans to begin construction of this hydroelectric plant on the Ruvyironza River in late 2016.

This week, a key Songa Energy investor visited Burundi, taking the occasion to meet with members of the Burundi Government. Mr. Kenneth Lehman, a banking investor from the United States, joined Mr. Daniel Brose (Songa Energy President and CEO) to visit with the Minister of Energy and Mines – Honorable Côme Manirakiza. “For the past 15 years I have been investing in US banks and currently have controlling interest in five banks. More recently I have begun exploring investments in developing economies - primarily in the banking and energy sectors. The opportunities in the East Africa energy sector are very significant, which is why I and the other Songa Energy investors are keen to invest now and bring our first projects to completion as soon as possible,” said Mr. Lehman. Mr. Lehman is an “angel investor” who invests his own money with a long-term strategy. He is excited to invest in the Burundi energy sector, with the long-term goal to re-invest profits into Burundi and grow the electricity generation capacity of the country.

Songa investors

De Gauche à Droite : M. Nolasque NDAYIHAYE (Directeur Général de l’Energie au Burundi), M. Daniel Brose (Président de Songa Energy), Hon. Côme MANIRAKIZA (Ministre de l’Energie et Mines au Burundi), M. Kenneth Lehman (Investisseur Américain), M. Esaie NTIDENDEREZA (Chef de Service Promotion des Investissements de l’API)

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 De Gauche à Droite : M. Marc RWABAHUNGU (Secrétaire Général de l’Assemblée Nationale), M. Théogène NKUNZIMANA (Conseiller au Secrétariat Général de l’Assemblée Nationale), M. Daniel Brose (Président de Songa Energy), M. Kenneth Lehman (Investisseur Américain).