They have chosen Burundi: Songa Energy to expand electricity access in Burundi.

They have chosen Burundi: Songa Energy to expand electricity access in Burundi.

Api staff with Songa Energy representatives

SONGA Energy delegation to Burundi Investment Promotion Authority

From left to right: Ir. Innocent NGOMIRAKIZA, Mr. Ken LEHMAN, Mr. Sam FERGUSON, Ms. Alida MUGISHA, Mr. Kevin CREW, Mr. Jean Marie BUKWARE, Mr. Esaie NTIDENDEREZA and Mr. Daniel BROSE.

Songa Energy is a Burundi and United States LLC registered company. Songa Energy is developing small grid-connected power plants in rural areas of Burundi, working with Burundi Investment Promotion Authority (API), Ministry of Energy and Mines, REGIDESO, and local communities to provide electricity to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses.

According to Mr. Dan Brose, the President and Founder, Burundi is a country rich with mountainous terrain and consistent river flow, Burundi is well suited for the development of hydroelectric power. The need for electricity is great as only 5% of the national population has access to electric power.

Mr. Brose was born in Burundi and is an innovator, entrepreneur and engineer with a proven track record of launching and leading successful businesses in complex environments, including Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“As Songa Energy has worked over the first half of 2015 to establish its business in Burundi, the support of API and its highly qualified personnel has been critically important. They have always been available to assist with any matter, small or large, and their knowledge of technical and regulatory matters has helped us to succeed”; said Mr. Dan Brose.

Songa Energy will finalize feasibility studies, land negotiations and other agreements in the remaining months of 2015. Construction of its first hydroelectric plant will begin in early 2016 in southwestern Burundi.