Non-tax incentives

The IPA is the focal point and gateway for any foreign investor as well as the preferred partner of the investor residing in Burundi. It gathers and puts at the disposal of the investor and the public all useful information likely to facilitate the entry, the stay and the establishment as well as the access to the laws and regulations relating to the economic and social sectors concerned by the investment projects.  

The non-tax incentives or free support and assistance that  IPA provides to investors include, but are not limited to the following:

• Organization of stays (make an appointment with the authorities and / or potential partners);

• Free transportation (from Bujumbura International Airport to the IPA Headquarters);

• Facilitate obtaining, if necessary, entry and establishment visas;

• Support and assistance for registration of his /her company;

• Exploratory guide tour in Bujumbura and the rest of the country;

• Facilitate rapid integration;

• Providing real-time information (website, mailing, telephone, brochures, leaflets, pamphlets, CD-ROM or other electronic support, etc.);

• Providing information on the real potential for investment (project files);

• Make available to the investor all the requirements (licenses and authorizations required) according to the sectors;

• Assist, guide, lead and advise the investor in the preparation of his business plan;

• Assist the investor in the counter-expertise of his project;

• Assist the investor in finding a land and premises;

• Support in obtaining licenses;

• Recommendation on human resources (labour);

• Technical orientation in seeking funding for his /her project.