Safety and Security

1. Activities / Companies for safety or security 

Authorization and accreditation

In order for a company to operate as security and surveillance services provider, it has to obtain an authorization from the Ministry responsible for the public security.

To apply for an authorization, the applicant must indicate the following:

- His/her and the company manager full identity, the company name, the nature and the headquarters;

- A detailed description of planned activities (purpose); 

- Demonstrate the financial and technical means as well as available human resources;

- The number of employees to be hired;

- A detailed description of the staff’s uniform and their photographs; 

- The specimen of the identification card carried by its personnel; 

- The Company authenticated statutes;

- The Tax Identification Number (TIN);

- The code of conduct of the company stating clearly the rights and duties of the staff; 

- The training program; 

- The Trade Registry Certificate.