ICT (Information and Communication Technology)

New information and communication technologies (ICT) are techniques used in the processing and transmission of information, mainly related to Computing, internet and telecommunications. For the past few years, through the development of Internet, New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT) use has been increased and a large majority of citizens in the world can use these tools to access information.

Working in this sector involves higher levels of communication, marketing and sales expertise. This leads to significant changes in the professional profiles sought by companies.

The government has established the Executive Secretariat of Information and Communication Technologies (SETIC: www.setic.gov.bi).

A government-private joint management company of the national ridge fiber optics (BBS) has been created with the support of the World Bank. Any telecommunications operator could invest in this sector.

Investment Opportunities

  • The market is still available for high speed internet connection;
  • The LTSP networks remain unknown despite their being affordable to the companies and the public;
  • Need to develop ICT in companies and schools so as to considerably improve competitiveness;


    Use of E-Technology (in Commerce, Education, telephony, etc.) remains so far low;

  • «Call Centres" are practically non-existent etc.;
  • Data capture centres.