Processing and Manufacturing Industry


Processing Industry

The latest period of political instability has had a negative impact on the industrial production. The Burundi industrial capacities have strongly been undermined by frequent closures which took place during the period of political unrest.

The current situation gives room to abundant opportunities for developing the private sector since the industrial sector is still relatively virgin. Moreover, despite the fact that the state is still contributing in the industrial sector at a high level, the Government has undertaken a progressive program to privatize public industries.

This sector offers quite a lot of industrial development opportunities:

  • There is a need for food processing industry.
  • There is a need for industry to produce building materials such as glasses, profiles, sheet metal, tile, cement etc.
  • There is a need for chemical industry of fertilizers for agriculture.
  • Need for textile and shoe manufacturing industry (There is one textile industry).
  • Need for a pharmaceutical industry considering that very few drugs are produced locally.
  • Need for a biodegradable packaging industry and a project for the recycling of household wastes into domestic energy to replace the charcoal in the city of Bujumbura.
  • Need for a project for the recycle of household wastes into phosphate fertilizers.  

Nearly all manufactured consumer goods are imported. This situation presents many investment opportunities in almost every industrial sectors.