Lake Transport

Lake transport activities for goods and passengers to and/or from Burundi ports are under the control of the Ministry in charge of transportation.

The administrative and customs procedures for the transit of goods on ports, traffic agreements, port tariffs are dealt with by the ministries in charge of Planning, Transport, Finance and Trade, under a fair proportion and separation of their portfolio.

The documents required are: 

-  Registration Certificate; 

- Ship Registry; 

- An international lake navigation letter issued by the Minister of Transport;

The Ministerial ordinance No. 060/269 of 22 May 1967 sets the conditions and procedures to issue and withdraw the aforementioned documents, as well as the rights and obligations it confers;
- A Radio Safety Certificate is issued by the ARCT Board; 
- A certificate of seaworthiness and freeboard issued by the Lake Management Authority; 

- A lake transport insurance.