Hotel and Tourism

There are abundant opportunities for any business operator looking to invest in the tourism sector in Burundi. Like other economic sectors, tourism has long suffered from multiples political crisis in the last years. However, tourism remains one of the key sectors of the Burundian economy that has great potential to transforming the nation due its vast value and supply chain and the effects this could have on other sectors of the economy. We are anticipating a rapid expansion of the hotel and tourism sector in the near future.

The geographic location as an asset for tourism in Burundi:

• Burundi is located at the heart of Africa and is crossed by the crest of Congo and is a host of source of the Nile River;

• Burundi is located between the Central Africa and East Africa;

• In the middle of major regional communities (ECCAS, CEPGL, COMESA, EAC);

• Burundi is a country with breath taking landscape that is always green, with beautiful hills, valleys and plains (Imbo and Moso), a warm hospitality, social and wise people who are very attached to the values of Ubuntu (Dignity). These characteristics always make foreigners to be attracted and feel at home! From the bottom of the heart, an inviting "Kaze! Karibuni! Bienvenue! Welcome" is warmly said to visitors;

 • Worldwide famous drummers that have been credited as World Heritage by the UNESCO;

• A gentle wind from the Tanganyika Lake (the second deepest lake in the world after Lake Baikal), from the thousand hills will make a visitor enjoy a smooth tropical climate.

Currently, Burundi has already developed a comprehensive tourism masterplan that is meant to guide current and future investors. Investing in the tourism sector requires to be well documented on opportunities. From the seat of Harroy (a resident Belgian Governor of Burundi during the colonization era), visitors are fascinated by the beauty of the plain of Bujumbura and its countless investment opportunities.

To promote tourism, the Government has established a National Tourism Office (ONT) (website link:

The Burundi Government guarantees safety for tourists and investment security. The Burundi Investment Promotion Authority supports investments by providing various incentives to investors in accordance with the Investment Code.


The Hotel Sector

Recently, investing in the hotel sub-sector has been flourishing in both Bujumbura the capital and in the rest of the country. After having been dependent for a long time on the Source du Nil and the Novotel Hotels (now Water Front Hotel), Burundi has recently seen the development of more and more luxurious and spacious hotels. Burundian and foreign investors have increased their confidence towards the local market and are addressing the challenge related to meeting hotels services demand so as to satisfy national and regional ambitions.

However, the accommodation capacity of the hotels is still very low and mostly concentrated in the city of Bujumbura, compared to the expected inflow of tourism and investment activities resulting from Burundi membership to various regional economic communities. Burundi is welcoming investors to develop high standard hotels and infrastructures for international congress.

Investment opportunities in the Hotel and Tourism sectors

• Thalassotherapy business development;
• Improving beach tourism and water sports on the Lake Tanganyika;
• Hotels construction and other accommodation facilities in national parks and other tourist sites;
• High standard conference centres construction;
• High luxury hotel capacity (Major international hotel chains).