BURUNDI performs far better in the 2014 Doing Business Report

On October 29, 2013, the World Bank presented the 2014 Doing Business Report (DB2014). The preliminary Report that had been submitted to the 2014 Doing Business team had focused onto nine indicators on reforms and regulations aiming at creating additional One-Stop-Shops.

The reforms undertaken on which Burundi scored include starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, paying taxes and trading across borders. These have allowed Burundi to climb up the chart and rank 8th best reformer worldwide and 4th best at the African level. In the overall ranking, Burundi gained 17 places ahead advancing to 140th from the 157th ranking recorded the previous year. Comparing business regulations surveyed 189 economies. Burundi has achieved tremendous progress and is comfortably above the sub-Saharan average (142). Since the setting up of reforms in 2010, Burundi have been performing so well, leaving behind more and more countries (currently 49 including 34 Africans countries), whereas at the very beginning, prior to reforming Burundi stood at the very bottom ranking at 181 out of 183 surpassing only Central African Republic and Chad.


In addition, it is worth-mentioning that for the last three years, Burundi ranks among the top reformers worldwide. Burundi is the 9th country that has advanced the furthest toward the frontier in the ease of doing business since 2005 out of 174 economies (indicating improvements over time as compared to their own performance in the areas measured by Doing Business. Burundi is the 2ndcountry that has advanced the furthest toward the frontier in the ease of doing business since 2009 out of 183 economies.