Working at the IPA

The staff is recruited in accordance with the decree establishing the IPA. The Chief Executive Officer is appointed by Decree for a renewable period of 4 years. The heads of the Departments are recruited on competition. The profile of the candidates and the selection criteria are fixed by the Board of directors of IPA.  This procedure also applies for the recruitment of chiefs of the units.  Senior officers and the collaboration agents are also recruited on competition. The competition entails written tests as well as interviews and have to prove a work experience in their fields of at least 3 years. The staff of IPA mainly consists of economists or staff with management background, engineers and legal officers. The level of required statutory is bachelor degree and above.

Occasionally, IPA can resort to consultancy services in different fields: economy, law, communication, computing, translation, video-documentary, photography, etc.

In that case, IPA recruits a specialized consultant or a cabinet generally through procurement   procedures.

Vacancies are advertised to interested candidates for competition.  All the qualified people, without discrimination are invited to apply for available jobs at IPA.

Job announcement can be traced through the IPA’s website, IPA’s notice board and in different official medias.